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 Background Information

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PostSubject: Background Information   Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:15 pm


Team Meteor was established February 14, 2010 by Eirik. Although partially a continuation of recently-dead [aW], Meteor would evolve into something much more with the help of Rob and Asylum. We had a great success with the clan starting off. With old-time members such as Baird, Huss, Lordnate, JR, Chomper, Dominoz, Soldier, and more that are still present in today's M, our start was greatly aided with the presence of these members and the atmosphere in the chat was great.

However, Meteor eventually went on to die mid-May of the same year, though, from a mix of a hacking accusation as well as the departures of a many veteran members. Eventually, in October, it'd be revived by Rob again, that initially did not look for much; however, after Eirik would return to the clan, things kicked off again. We had the fun to entertain new members such as Shok, Midnite, Kyoji/Kenshi, Boost, and Pac, but eventually the clan would hit a slump of inactivity that would stop Meteor from progressing once again.


Today, Team Meteor consists of a group of friends that, although we play this game competetively, take the game at a leisurely pace as well and make the most out of the friends we make in this clan. Sure, we do play MKW, but we also play other games, and we also, or at least we would hope, enjoy a life outside of this game as well. A main part of the clan is the community feeling it gives on top of the actual racing.

As of now, Team Meteor is recruiting. Those that would be interested must be able to carry out a conversation and is a likeable person. We require skype for chatting with one another and we encourage each individual to have a mic, but it is by no means necessary. We normally carry out non-lengthy trials in order to determine whether a person would be a good fit in the clan, and we seldom offer solely racing tryouts. If you wish for a tryout, contact xphoenixify or asylumsmash on skype.
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PostSubject: Re: Background Information   Tue Dec 20, 2011 4:18 am

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Background Information
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