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 Epic Quotes.

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PostSubject: Epic Quotes.   Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:32 pm

You're a complete excuse for some barbaric, idiotic piece of white trash filth that shows bias like no other and you're more of a manipulative bastard than that retarded 12 year old wetback known as Torn. Things like you are completely the reason why I'm sick of this world. I wouldn't have been surprised if when you were born the doctor slapped both you and your mom, your dad was arrested for being the biggest comedian on this planet for producing such a joke, and A&E immediately started on a documentary that would save your life. But before you tell me about how much you have a life and how much people like you, let me give you the 25 cents it takes to make at least one call to the vast amount of friends you have in real life. Just make sure to give me back the change, faggot.


[11:37:51 PM] M»★Eirik: holy shit
[11:37:54 PM] M»★Eirik: i got to my friend roster
[11:37:59 PM] M»★Eirik: and so many vibrations come
[11:38:04 PM] M»★Eirik: fuck this is better than my vibrator

Share yours.

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Posts : 4
Join date : 2011-06-02
Location : Your Mom

PostSubject: Re: Epic Quotes.   Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:44 am

[4:36:05 AM] Hαωĸ: I got a job at dunkin donuts guys
[4:36:40 AM] M»★Fιζσ★ Rσßεяtσ: :O
[4:36:57 AM] M»★Fιζσ★ Rσßεяtσ: grats (clap)
[4:37:02 AM] Hαωĸ: xd
[4:37:09 AM] Hαωĸ: its just a summer job
[4:37:13 AM] Hαωĸ: cause i like money
[4:37:16 AM] Hαωĸ: Smile
[4:37:33 AM] M»★Fιζσ★ Rσßεяtσ: im searching a job too
[4:37:35 AM] M»★Fιζσ★ Rσßεяtσ: but Neutral
[4:42:30 AM] Juan: :O i have a job at DD too
[4:42:36 AM] Hαωĸ: REALLY
[4:42:42 AM] Juan: no
[4:42:46 AM] Hαωĸ: .
[4:42:53 AM] Juan: Very Happy
[4:43:03 AM] Hαωĸ: for a second i thought you were serious
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Epic Quotes.
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